Welcome to First Steps Nursery, Abu Dhabi

First Steps was established in 1997 and is situated in Karama area. we care for children from 14 months to 4 years of age. your child will attend 5 days a week, and you can choose timings to suit you

We offer a loving atmosphere where the children’s well-being is put first. At First Steps, we go beyond the syllabus to nurture laughter and creativity, helping children be the best they can be.

We give them the finest facilities to encourage talent.We take them outdoors so they can learn to appreciate the land they live in. We ensure they get a balanced education, alongside children of other nationalities, fostering mutual respect.

First Steps Nursery aim to

  • Sustain a friendly, safe and interesting environment that stimulates and encourages the fascination of learning.
  • Treat everyone in our School Community as an individual, valuing their contributions and accomplishments.
  • Develop good Home-School interaction and together improve the quality of learning, Ensure that our children follow a well-planned and stimulating programme of study, with a wide variety of learning opportunities that increases knowledge and promotes understanding.
  • Determine and improve the capabilities, proficiencies and talents of each child in all sections of the curriculum.
  • Work with the children to attain the high standards that we expect from them in all aspects of life in school.
  • Help the Children develop a sense of right and wrong as the foundation for relationships, alongside consideration of rights, feelings and well-being of others.
  • Enable the children to make a positive contribution to our multicultural society and to enjoy life, appreciating and coping with its disappointments and triumphs.

Our Team

Working in a nursery involves being part of a team that is committed, creative and caring.

The quality of our staff is extremely important, we recruit professionals who share our values, passion and are dedicated to providing the highest quality of education and safety from each child.